About the book

A journey of tragedy to triumph

Finding Grace is a heart wrenching story of Grace Manchala the founder of Glory For Ashes. Join her in this incredible journey of how she rose from the ashes to glory.

Grace is the founder and director of  glory for ashes a non profit that works toward helping victims of abuse and trafficking. 

Finding grace is  a true story it is her journey of how she over came abuse assault and today she is not just a survivor but she is actively  helping thousands of people all across America and several nations in the world. she has worked personally with victims of human trafficking and she helps several women to overcome the abuse they have gone through and become people who help others in turn. In this book you will not only read her journey to victory, her rising from the ashes to love a life of glory, honor and courage, but you will also have the opportunity to step into the shoes of a victim and learn to ask the questions that help toward recovery and heali