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Grace Manchala and her husband, Raju live In Montana. They have two adult kids. Grace is from Kerala, India. She has a passion to help women who have been abused, assaulted and trafficked. She is the founder and director of Glory for Ashes.


About the book

A journey of tragedy and triumph

Grace clenched her newborn close to her chest as sobs wracked her frail body. She stood at the edge of a dark rooftop; the lure of death sweeter than life itself. She could see no way out, not just for her, but for her baby as well…

Finding Grace is a heart-wrenching story of an Indian girl whose childhood is shattered by abuse and splintered by evil. Paralyzed with fear, her screams are silenced by the religious ironclad dictates of shame and honor. Can Grace overcome her tragic past and cultural disgrace? Will she ever claw her way out of her nightmare and maybe, one day, even find forgiveness and redemption?

Survivors experience a certain level of trauma, hindering them from living their fullest life. Most victims hide behind guilt and shame, some fill their emptiness with addictions………

This book is a guiding tool for parents, grandparents, teachers, pastors, youth group leaders, teenagers, guardians, and survivors to understand the ways in which abuse most often occurs, and to shed light on the signs and indications of abuse. It is to encourage, to start healthy conversations, in order to prevent unforeseen trauma and drama.

Join Grace Manchala in her sweeping memoir as she gives you a first-hand account of the God who embraced her pain and pursued her into her deepest sorrow. Experience the powerful love of the God who transformed a woman once crushed and fragmented into a woman fearless and unstoppable.

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